The runners are now sheathed in carbonfiber/fiberglas sleeves

This protects the runner wood giving the runner MUCH longer life without abrasions, protects better against water damage and lastly provides strength combined with flexibility to the runner


A 48" bed, but light enough to do sprints and roomy enough to hold all the required gear for a mid-distance race.

Re-engineered for superior steering and flexibility

Adjustable, easy-grip, wrapped handlebow. Can be adjusted from 33-38”

Made from select white ash, aluminum, and UHMW

Aluminum bar brake with replaceable carbide tips

1 1/4” laminated runners (composite) with carbon fiber-fiberglas sleeving

UHMW driving bow  

3 coats marine spar varnish on all wood surfaces

No-slip rubber footpads that eliminate ice build-up


PRICE:   $1300


This sled is the same as the Zephyr, but with carbon fiber-fiberglas sleeved wood runners and no flip-up dragmat.